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fan community for HBO's "The Newsroom"

The Newsroom - fan community for "The Newsroom"
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Welcome to "The Newsroom"
a fan community for HBO's "The Newsroom"
CONTENT You may post whatever you like so long as it's related to "The Newsroom" or the cast. At this community you can post anything relating to any ship. That means: fanfiction, icons, fanmixes, ficmixes, wallpapers, graphics, news, pictures, etc. etc. Please use only the default font and text size.

TAGS Using them makes life so much easier. The basic rule of thumb is: it's better to use more tags than too little. It just makes it easier to organize and find things.

LJ CUTS In order to spare everyone's flists, we ask that you put larger pieces of content behind an LJ-cut. Anything longer than 100 words or bigger than 500px in width should go behind a cut. If you make an icon post, please don't post more than 3 icons in front of the cut.

SPOILER Since the show is currently running, anything for the current and upcoming episodes is considered a spoiler. After the episode airs, it will be considered spoiler material until the next one is out. Please put anything that contains info (and that includes graphics, episode descriptions etc.) behind a cut and put a warning into your post.

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